The Southern Nash FFA was chartered on February 14, 1969.  John Wells, Cyler Best, Melvin Bullock, and Andrew Tyson in the fall on 1968.


Through the years, many teachers and students have passed through the doors of the agriculture classrooms, with a sentinel always present to welcome them.  Here are some of the owls (advisors/teachers) whose knowledge and wisdom have helped the program grow for the past 50 years.

  • Cyler Best   1968-2000

  • Ralph Pegram   1974-2003

  • Kristin Stair   2006-2008

  • Stefanie Goblet

  • Abby Gortner Everett

  • Seth Everett

  • Daniele Kidd   1997-2006  

  • Sarah Looney Shriner   2005-2007

  • Clark Adams   2003-2006

  • Mike Bartholomew   1999-present

  • Kristina Brake   2014- present

  • Derrick Bracey   2016-2018

  • Reuben Ledbetter   2018-present

  • Robert Hardy   2003- ?

  • Victoria Whitley   2016-present

  • Allison Mangum   2016-present

Today, the Southern Nash Agriculture program has 5 teachers/advisors and over 150 members.  We are supported by a our community, alumni, and stakeholders who share our love for leadership and agriculture. See what we're up to these days...

6446 Southern Nash High Rd
Bailey, Nash County 27807

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